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Friday Flaunt …. a tad late

Posted in 1 by jog67 on 30/08/2009

My post for Friday is a tad late, but I wanted to finish the quilting before posting. I hand quilted it in pearle thread this week.

table runner

table runner corner

on display

on the table


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  1. Julie D said,

    I love the colours Jayne, and yes it probably would be called a table topper. Whatever it’s called it looks wonderful.

  2. cinzia said,

    Love the colours.. and perfect for the task…. a table runner wouldn’t suit your square table.

  3. Frou said,

    Once again, you astonish me, you were still quilting this Thursday night with scalloped edges, and now it’s finished! Whereas I realised I’d made a fatal mistake in my cross-stitch and had to frog nearly all of Thursday nights work.

    Lovely to see you and the girls again.

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