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Friday Flaunt (making up for missing last week)

Posted in 1 by jog67 on 18/09/2009

It’s been a busy 2 weeks working and sewing.  Last Friday I attended the Glenharrow Spring Stitch-in with Vikki and some other girlfriends, what a lovely day it was!  Good company, great food and yummy stitcheries to do.  I really enjoy doing the sticheries as a break from piecing and applique.  Here are my finished projects from the day.

Firstly, ‘Your Way Home’ by Rosalie Quinlan – a cute stichery put over a small canvas, the fabric is from also from Rosalie’s new fabric range (not yet out) – this one is now hanging in my 3yo daughter’s room.

'Your Way Home' on canvas, pattern by Rosalie Quinlan  This is a little sewing bag ‘Precious Things’ by Leanne Beasley.

'Precious Things' sewing bag, pattern by Leanne Beasley

flaunt 006

Of course while I was there, I just had to look at the patterns on offer and purchased yet another bag pattern – “Marie’s Roses Carry Bag” by Leanne Beasley.  I adapted the pattern a little, by putting pockets on both sides of the bag (instead of only one side), used a different fabric for the inside, and put on a shoulder strap instead of carry handles.  It’s a great size, 49cm (19″) x 36cm (14″).  The fabrics I used on the outside pockets (roses) and the inside (spots) were of a heavier weight fabric which I think worked really well for a bag this size.  I love it!

 flaunt 009flaunt 011

flaunt 010

I’m off to the Quilts in the Barn (Wonga Park, Vic) tomorrow to meet up with my girlfriends to do our first swap of the dresden plate blocks …. of course in preparing these I just had to get some more fabrics – and here they are.

flaunt 004

And what else have I been doing….. oh, 3 days of work, family stuff, sewing the above of course and a bit of gardening last weekend.  I got my husband to make me some new garden beds for my strawberries – probably was I had to dig them all up first (and de-weed them), then plant them all again …. all 230+ of them!  I originally started off with just 3 plants a few years ago and they just kept having babies (off shoots), they are the yummiest strawberries – Hokowase is the type.  Mum and I swear by them, you can even eat them when they are just starting to colour up.  Now I just need to get back out there and set up my netting.

flaunt 008


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  1. Jayne, your stitcheries are beautiful! My favorite is the sewing bag, but the purse is a close second. Lovely workmanship. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  2. Di Jobbins said,

    Adorable fabrics! Gorgeous stitcheries! I am definitely going to have to follow your blog, Jayne, as I can see we share the same tastes. Looking forward to seeing Rosalie’s new fabric in the shops soon.

  3. Julie D said,

    My goodness you have been busy! I love the red bag, you did a wonderful job tweeking it with your own personal touches! There seems to be so many stitching days available in Victoria, I sometimes feel a little isolated here in the north?

  4. cinzia said,

    The bag is perfect…could be because I am partial to red spots. I love all of the groups you are able to get with must make it a fun time

  5. sheila said,

    wow totally impressed. Love the stitcheries and The Scot is going to be green with envy when I show him your strawberry photo. He just has no luck with growing them.

  6. Kali said,

    Jayne I’ve just been looking at your Flaunts and they are absolutely gorgeous…just my cup of tea. And then I read about your Dresden swap and thought how wonderful to be in such a swap. And as for going to the Parsonage, I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven! I think I shall have to bookmark your blog just so I don’t miss the next droolworthy event.
    Thankfully I will be going to The Gathering next month where Leeanne Beasley will be attending so shall be looking forward to being tempted by her offerings.

  7. Fran C said,

    The stitcheries are lovely a few ladies from my Monday group attended this day and I was able to see the stitcheries in real life, I would like to go to Glen Harrow next year.

  8. ladyfrou said,

    Once again you blow me away… love Rosalie’s fabric on the little picture, and the tweaked bag is just gorgeous…

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