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Dear Jane

21/1/09 :   A few more blocks finished


This is my “Dear Jane” journey…

Early 2008:  I attended a DJ starter class at SomerSet Patchwork with my friend Vikki.  My idea was originally to do civil war fabrics close to the orginal DJ, but then decided I would do pink & brown civil war fabrics starting pale in the middle and deeping out to the edges to red and chocolate.   The cones would be a mix of the fabrics used in the blocks.  I  never said I would do the “whole quilt” …. just see where I end up.  This quilt will be my “in between projects Project”!

Tips I’ve picked up:

  • Take you DJ book to OfficeWorks – have them cut off the spine, then bind it with clear pastic covers for the front and back covers.  This enables you to have book flat when drafting patterns.
  • Copy and/or enlarge the chart in the book (page 12) if you are not using the DJ software.  Cut out squares of your fabric and glue on the sheet for planning colour/fabric placement.
  • When constructing the quilt top, divide the quilt into a nine patch and stitch blocks in groupings, then put together as a large nine patch.

Blocks done to date:

A3, A6, A7, A8, B3, B4, B8, C9, D6, D7, D8, C7, H6, H13, I11, J4 AND another 10 cut ready to sew.

“The Dear Jane”



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